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The AMSAT is a long-awaited Standardized assessment tool to evaluate motoric progress in students ages 10 to 19 years. This norm-referenced and criterion-referenced assessment test provides the adapted physical educator and the general physical educator with a tool to evaluate both students with and without disabilities. The skills included within AMSAT represent advanced movements expected from older students progressing from age 10 to age 19. The performance criteria will aid educators in devising developmentally appropriate curriculum for their students.

Now educators can perform motor skill assessments on children beyond the ages of the most common motor develop test available. The ease in administering this test and the quick scoring set-up makes this a useful tool to use on a regular basis. The complete AMSAT kit includes the Examiner’s Manual, Assessment Record Forms, an electronic version of the Assessment Record Form on a USB Key for easy completion and printing

To order the AMSAT simply email Dr. R.R. Goyakla Apache, Ph.D., C.A.P.E. at rrapache@msn.com to process your request. Purchase Orders are readily accepted and can be emailed or mailed to 12412 Armadillo LN El Paso, TX 79934. 915-297-9012